Moving Scam, no Joke! Don’t get ripped off.

Besides getting your car fixed, moving is the second highest scam chance that I can think of. If your planning to move, then plan, don’t just choose the first company you interview or the best price you can find because the amount that it can cost you in the end could be devastating.

Step One: Find a reputable company by searching reviews and read them carefully to make sure they did not write them or pay to have them written. Review sites are tricky, try out Angie’s┬álist and BBB for starters. Next look for a license, if the company is legal they will have at least a state regulated movers license and if your move crosses state lines a DOT number that can be checked at

Step Two: Ask the company for a “do not exceed price” also known as a binding contract (not binding estimate). Make sure the company will guarantee that the price is what they estimate and cannot go any higher for any reason. Make sure you get that in writing and maybe even on a recorded phone call. Many companies offer a price that can fluctuate based on weight or cubic feet and this is exactly how so many people end up feeling ripped off.

Step Three: Make sure the company can give you a guaranteed pick up and drop off date. This will ensure that you are the priority and not the profit of the move. Many companies won;t even tell you about a 7 day pick up and drop off window. There could be many hidden charges that involve storage and delivery especially when they have a semi involved and have to use a smaller truck to shuttle the items over, these are factors to consider.

Step Four: Put down as little money as possible. A good company will take ZERO for a deposit on a small local move, and sometimes as little as 5% on a long distance move. DO NOT PAY the full amount until things begin to unload into the new home. If the mover tries to raise the price and hold your things ransom demanding a different amount than the contract then CALL THE COPS, call AMSA, call everyone and let them know that you are being scammed. Too many people get caught up in the moment and negotiate the scam and still end up scammed. Follow the truck, alert authorities and keep calm. Companies cannot legally kidnap your items, they must deliver your items then take you to court if there is a payment dispute.

Step Five: Keep an eye on your stuff during the entire move process! Watch the movers prep, pack, and load your stuff onto a truck. If possible follow the truck, we recommend hiring an exclusive move type company that will take your stuff from point A to point B without putting other families on the same truck. Then finally watch the movers unload and set up your furniture. This way if anything happens, like they drop your dining room table during the move you can say for certain how and when it happened if there was a claim.

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Author: Randy Viggiani – Start Moving – – 800 373 0393 or 863 397 0047
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