The Start Moving Team

Start Moving employees are second to none. The owner, managers and crew leaders do everything possible to give our customers a stress free moving experience. Here’s how we do it:


world-communicationStart Moving takes the stress out of pre-move, move, and post-move process. We are available by phone ALL of the time 7 days a week offering easy direct communication and fast callbacks if we missed you somehow. Your move is just as important to us as it is to you. We also offer free moving advice. Call us if you are not sure how to pack a specific item, where to start, what to do and when, where is this item after it was unloaded, we have all of the answers.Our crew leaders are constantly communicating with the helpers during the move to ensure that each piece gets loaded properly and damage free. Even if they aren’t talking to each other they are in tune with each others actions. The crew is also very happy to work with the customers and they enjoy the pride of customer satisfaction. You will always get positive energy from the crew during the move putting you at ease during the moving process.


new-skills-successStart Moving has been providing world class moving services for over 8 years now. We have learned from others mistakes and we know how to get the job done the right way every time. Efficiency and Careful technique allows us to quickly complete every move without so much as a scratch. All of the crew leaders have years of experience with Start Moving and we have a very low turnover rate. We are a full service company therefore we have the skills to disassemble, reassemble any piece of furniture and install, uninstall any appliance connected to your home. We also offer packing services and we are experts at wrapping breakables, choosing the right size box for the job, and labeling for easy placement in your new home.

Professional Appearance

10937031-professional-business-teamAll of our employees come neatly groomed, dressed in uniform and ready to work hard for the customer. Start Moving employees are in amazing physical shape, have excellent communication skills and award winning attitudes. Employees do not take breaks on customer time, they work hard during every minute staying focused and on task until your move is complete.


Affordability – No Surprises

Budget-saving-tipsStart Moving  cares more about treating customers fairly than becoming a large and powerful worldwide company. Our expansion happens slowly over time so we can make sure we stay on top of first class customer service and maintain great experienced employees. We also see that other companies often surprise customers at the end of the move by changing the price. Our prices are set in stone before your move begins. Local moves have a range of hours and we will not make you pay more if your move is more than we estimated before we started. Our long distance moves do NOT go by weight because this is often the cause of major price upsets so we avoid the weight issue and offer customers free in home estimates where we will per-determine cost by finding out what size equipment would best suit your move and how many hours of labor it will take. Our prices are always guaranteed not to change. Very few companies offer a guaranteed price. Also, most of the time we come out way ahead of the competition saving each customer hundreds of dollars per move.


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