How to SPY on your moving truck

If you have to hire a moving company we recommend that you first hire an exclusive move company… This usually means that the company will take your stuff from point A strait to point B with no other families sharing the same truck. If you choose a van line type company you probably won’t be able to spy on your load because they will head in another direction to load more families on the truck, typically this increases the risk when moving.

moving truck

Spying on your truck is only one of the many reasons to hire exclusive movers but we can cover that topic another time. When talking with your mover during the booking process. Find out how they will plan the trip. For example if you are moving from Illinois to Florida the move coordinator might tell you something like this: “On day 1 we will load the truck, day two drive to TN and day three finish the trip to FL and unload on the following morning. That should be enough information to SPY on your truck during the move.

When the team comes to load your truck, Ask them where they will stay after they load the truck and what time they will leave. If you are driving to the destination you can be there in the morning to begin to follow your moving truck. The movers can legally only drive 10 or 11 hours per day due to federal laws, this makes for an easy trip if you want to follow the truck. You can follow the movers right to a hotel in TN and chances are they will never even know you followed them. This is a good way to see if any accidents occur on the road, if the movers are driving carefully with your truck, and also to make sure they do not have a chance to unload any of your possessions in an attempt to steal something.  Finally this will put you in perfect timing to meet the team for them to unload into your destination as you arrive with them.

Start Moving is an exclusive move company, we complete our moves one client at a time from point A to point B and sometimes we spend the entire time bonding with our clients to create an amazing move experience enjoyable for both the movers and the clients.

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