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The 2015 Start Moving Video Commercial Contest

video contest

Submit a 15 second video commercial for a chance to win a $250 visa gift card

Submit a 30 second video commercial for a chance to win a $500 visa gift card


Video entries must be submitted between November 1st through November 30th 2015 

Format Guidelines: Please use high quality audio and video recording devices, your video will have to be accepted by BrightHouse television and meet the minimum quality standards. Contact BrightHouse if you have any questions about format and quality.

Video rules and recommendations:

Initial submission must be sent as a link to your video stored on your own cloud such as YouTube, Dropbox etc. Once we select a winner you will allow us to download the video in the correct format in order to receive your gift card.

You may submit more than one video for both the 15 and 30 second timeframes. It is possible to win both prizes.

Before creating your commercials consider the following:

The content should display content that represents the Start Moving brand. Visit our website to learn about our company. Our company colors are green, yellow, and black. Visit the following links to learn even more about our brand. You can email request company shirts with our logo that we wear in the office and on the moves we complete, however they must be returned when the contest is over. Feel free to express your wild creativity if you wish to deviate from the recommended criteria, all entries will be considered. Start Moving will require that you sign over ownership rights so that we may use the videos however we please.

Link to our logo:

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Contact us anytime with questions or concerns via email at

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Why Start Moving Is the Best Choice


  • Guaranteed Rates: You’re locked in with us, most other companies give you a rate that fluctuates based on how much weight or space you take.


  • Guaranteed Dates: Unlike competitors, we don’t put other families on the same truck, our trucks are dedicated to your shipment. Putting other families on the same truck causes delays, if one move is delayed all moves are delayed. This also allows us to give you the fastest possible delivery time because we take each move from start to finish and we don’t have to wait for a full truck before we head to your destination.


  • Top Level Movers: You only work with the best movers, uniformed in Start Moving attire and properly trained to complete your move safely. Other companies may use temp labor and van line drivers are responsible for finding their own help so there’s no telling what quality of people they will find. Our dedicated team is with you from start to finish.


  • Moving Trucks: We use box trucks up to 26ft in length. With our trucks we can easily get in and out of hard to reach locations. Other companies may use semi-trucks and often need to charge customers to shuttle furniture from the semi to your door or storage with a smaller truck. Using box trucks also prevents damage because the lower ceiling height means there is less weight on your furniture at the bottom of the load.


  • Reputation: Start Moving has the highest reputation out there, we maintain an A rating on the better business bureau, Angie’s list, and Google. The most important thing you can do when choosing a mover is scour the internet for reviews. This will tell you how a company treats people and handles issues. You’re safe with Start Moving.


  • Furniture Protection: The key to a successful move without damages is in the preparation. Some companies cut corners by using oversize boxes to pack with or loading furniture that isn’t wrapped. Start Moving knows how to keep your items in top condition. We wrap everything inside the home before putting it on the truck and we use the correct size boxes for the job.

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Start Moving towards veggies!

Start Moving, it’s a lifestyle! (not just a moving company) We love our clients!

Start Moving

Start Moving towards veggies!

Forget about the statistics and the percentages, our bodies are made up of mostly water, our muscles need water, and the earth is made up of mostly water. We need lots of water, and when we do not get enough bad things happen such as dehydration and chronic inflammation. You must drink lots of water daily and you already know that, but today we are going to take that one step further and try to include water based veggies into at least 2 meals per day so we can reduce inflammation and strengthen our immune systems even further. If you are like me and you would rather eat french fries and green food scares you… GET OVER IT… suck it up and start working these magical necessities into your diet… YOU MUST! Okay that was bold but I am forcing myself to eat more veggies, my health has improved rapidly and my mind is sharp enough to write this blog for you. You can start with green leafy lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers because they are some of the veggies with the highest water content.  It takes some getting used to but after a few weeks it becomes a lifestyle and you will never go back to daily french fries.

Written by Randal Viggiani
Owner of Start Moving (bookmark this company for when you or your friends have to move) (send us a message) (LOVE us on Facebook!)
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Moving Soon? Free quote!


Death, Divorce, and Moving….Scared Yet?



One might argue that moving is the most stressful thing in the world to go through, but relax it’s only ranked number 3 on the list, following death of a loved one and divorce.

The truth is we can finally take moving off of the list completely! With the right company to take you from start to finish and answer any questions you might have in between, things can go quite smoothly.

It’s a great day to “Start Moving” and the first step to a stress free move is to get a free moving quote. Just fill out the form below or call us direct 800-373-0393 or 863-397-0047.

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Top 3 Scariest Moving Horror Stories

Vegas strip unload

The moving industry is ripe with rogue movers and posers that have criminal intentions. Here are 3 of the worst stories published on the web that made the news.

Vegas strip unload

Pictured above: A man’s day took a turn when after loading up his truck on moving day he was served with divorce papers. Frustrated he decided to unload his truck directly onto the Vegas strip in front of everyone. He then resisted arrest and ended up in jail.

rego park couple

This couple above thought they were in store for a normal move. They got a moving quote for $275 before the move began, then once the final bill came the price inflated to $2100 and included many bogus charges such as an elevator charge of $100 per man. The couple bargained the price down to $1800 while the movers attempted to hold their belongings for ransom. The movers were working under several different company names, one of which had a “F” Rating on the BBB.  The couple planned to take the movers to court, however that may just cause the couple even more headaches.

illegal movers

This might just be the worst case scenario, Komo news from Seattle Washington reported on Karl Johnson who was moving from Florida. Long story short, Kyle paid movers nearly $1500 when they loaded up the truck. They ended up stranded for over 6 weeks without their possessions, when the movers arrived they demanded to collect an additional amount of $4192 or they would not release their stuff. When they got the movers to agree to $3000 they soon found out that 50% of the items were stolen or damaged.

Finding a good moving company requires serious investigation to ensure safety. It is good practice to seek out reliable reviews, insurance & license information, and meet personally with representatives of the company you are working with if possible. Usually if a company has treated people badly in the past it won’t be too difficult to find some complaints online. Beware, some companies even hire people to write fake reviews making it even harder to trust information found online.

Author: Randal Viggiani – Owner of Start Moving 
My name is Randy, I have been in the moving business for 10 years and I have heard so many similar horror stories from clients it makes my head spin. The reason I choose to stay in the moving industry is so I can do my best to influence the moving industry in a positive direction. I make sure that my company Start Moving is treating everyone fairly and that we are setting the standard for competitors to follow if they want to compete with our award winning customer satisfaction program. I want my clients to know that I am here to personally guarantee a good experience. Let us know about your moving needs and we can point you in the right direction with free moving advice, when you are ready to book your move, you will be able to relax as we handle every aspect of your move seamlessly.

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Start Moving is now part of the Thumbtack Network

Start Moving is now part of the Thumbtack network. Thumbtack is helping families identify great service industry experts with the use of a great review system and a few fancy tech savvy tools to make it easy for customers to search their network of providers. Start Moving is working towards becoming the number 1 thumbtack provider. If you are on of Start Moving’s happy customers, please submit your reviews on Thumbtack.


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Moving DIY Dangers, here are 3 things you shouldn’t do on moving day.

Moving your own stuff can be dangerous, here are 3 thing you should not do on moving day.

1) Do not wear flip-flops. You might drop something on your foot, going backwards without them falling off is nearly impossible, and they usually don’t provide much traction for going up a moving truck ramp with heavy items.

2) Don’t rent a large truck that you are not familiar with, without getting the extra insurance coverage. Accidents happen.

3) Don’t lift heavy or large items without help to avoid injuries and damages to property and or furniture.


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