Top 3 Scariest Moving Horror Stories

Vegas strip unload

The moving industry is ripe with rogue movers and posers that have criminal intentions. Here are 3 of the worst stories published on the web that made the news. Pictured above: A man’s day took a turn when after loading up his truck on moving day he was served with divorce papers. Frustrated he decided […]


In this first video, what seems like a very easy move of a mini freezer suddenly takes a turn and the guy falls down the stairs while still holding on the entire time, my guess is that he is drunk or on drugs. The people in the background are lucky enough not to get hit […]

Start Moving is now part of the Thumbtack Network

Start Moving is now part of the Thumbtack network. Thumbtack is helping families identify great service industry experts with the use of a great review system and a few fancy tech savvy tools to make it easy for customers to search their network of providers. Start Moving is working towards becoming the number 1 thumbtack […]

How to “investigate” your moving company in 2 easy steps.

investigate magnifying glass

You chose a mover and that’s great,but maybe you rushed the process and chose a company quickly or they were really nice on the phone and talked you into a deposit because they were smooth sales people. What’s important now is to make sure you chose a great company to work with and to make […]

Moving DIY Dangers, here are 3 things you shouldn’t do on moving day.

Moving your own stuff can be dangerous, here are 3 thing you should not do on moving day. 1) Do not wear flip-flops. You might drop something on your foot, going backwards without them falling off is nearly impossible, and they usually don’t provide much traction for going up a moving truck ramp with heavy […]

Exclusive Moving Companies (VS) Van lines (VS) Moving Brokers, Who Wins?

Do I need an exclusive moving company, van line service or moving broker? When it comes to moving companies, there are a few¬†different levels of service offered in the moving industry and give you a few pointers on what to look out for that might save you from future stress or headaches. When getting a […]

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