Why Start Moving Is the Best Choice


  • Guaranteed Rates: You’re locked in with us, most other companies give you a rate that fluctuates based on how much weight or space you take.


  • Guaranteed Dates: Unlike competitors, we don’t put other families on the same truck, our trucks are dedicated to your shipment. Putting other families on the same truck causes delays, if one move is delayed all moves are delayed. This also allows us to give you the fastest possible delivery time because we take each move from start to finish and we don’t have to wait for a full truck before we head to your destination.


  • Top Level Movers: You only work with the best movers, uniformed in Start Moving attire and properly trained to complete your move safely. Other companies may use temp labor and van line drivers are responsible for finding their own help so there’s no telling what quality of people they will find. Our dedicated team is with you from start to finish.


  • Moving Trucks: We use box trucks up to 26ft in length. With our trucks we can easily get in and out of hard to reach locations. Other companies may use semi-trucks and often need to charge customers to shuttle furniture from the semi to your door or storage with a smaller truck. Using box trucks also prevents damage because the lower ceiling height means there is less weight on your furniture at the bottom of the load.


  • Reputation: Start Moving has the highest reputation out there, we maintain an A rating on the better business bureau, Angie’s list, and Google. The most important thing you can do when choosing a mover is scour the internet for reviews. This will tell you how a company treats people and handles issues. You’re safe with Start Moving.


  • Furniture Protection: The key to a successful move without damages is in the preparation. Some companies cut corners by using oversize boxes to pack with or loading furniture that isn’t wrapped. Start Moving knows how to keep your items in top condition. We wrap everything inside the home before putting it on the truck and we use the correct size boxes for the job.

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